Handmade Christmas – the beginning!


A few months ago, Kimberley and I came across an online challenge to give everyone on your Christmas gift list a handmade item.  Kimberley thought it was a fantastic idea, and promptly started writing a list and then coming up with ideas to suit each recipient.  Little did she know, that I thought I would extend the plan to include my girls in this too 🙂

I have seen fabric covered pinboards around and wanted to create one for both Kim and Chloe.  I had a whitewashed frame here, along with a Reject Shop corkboard and a piece of Amy Butler ‘Love’ fabric.  The fabric is absolutely perfect in Chloe’s freshly painted bedroom, so this pinboard will be for her.

I pulled the frame off the Reject Shop corkboard, cut the cork to fit my frame and then stapled the fabric in position.  I am going to cover the back of the frame to hide the staples.  For drawing pins, I plan on using some of my gorgeous Stampin’ Up! buttons attached to regular flat drawing pins.

Yay – Handmade Christmas Gift #1 is done!  I’ll share other gifts with you as they are finished.




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