The ‘after’ photos


I’ve just finished tidying up my stamping space and I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking at the moment.  I still have my large trestle worktable to deal with (which isn’t too bad), but here’s the rest of it.

after - stamping areaI’ve included some close ups and more information on each section below.

paper storageThis is all of my current cardstock and Designer Series Papers.  (the pile of retired stuff I took out is rather large and scary…).  The clear document trays you can see are from Kmart, and hold my A4 cardstock sorted like the rainbow 🙂

The black Cropper Hopper storage to the right of that holds my In Colour and White/Vanilla A4, the clear one has all of my Stampin’ Up! chipboard.

On the shelf below, the black 5 drawer storage unit holds all of my scraps, sorted similarly to the trays above (except white and vanilla are in with the chocolate and grey).  The next two 12×12 paper holders have my 12×12 cardstock, sorted by colour family, and then my Designer Series and Patterns paper are stored in the last 2 along with Simply Scrappin Kits and Die Cut Blooms.punch storage

This rather blurry photo shows all of my Stampin’ Up! punches (yes, I know I have a few…).  They are stored in Spice Racks that I got from Bunnings.  I love this storage, because I can see all of them at a glance and they are within easy reach of my Stamping Table.  The Disneyland badges are just there for added decoration!

stampsI spent a little while sorting all of my stamps into sections as per the Stampin’ Up! catalogue, seems I have a few sets there 🙂  All of my retired stamp sets that I’m keeping are in one of the white Ikea boxes on the lower shelf.  I keep all of my retired alphabets with the current ones, as I use them ALL of the time.

albumsThis is one of my favourite things in my stamping area.  A while back, I sorted out all of my scrapbook pages and labelled all of my albums with Stampin’ Up!’s gorgeous hardware bookplates.  It was so easy to add them to the album spine, that I’ve done every album in the house.


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